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The school offers a full range of athletic opportunities after school.  Students of all grade
levels are eligible to participate in cross-country, volleyball, basketball, track and
wrestling. Students are not required to tryout for cross-country, track and wrestling. Teams participate against other middle schools from within the Foothill Athletic League.  Click here for a copy of Marina's Athletic Packet. In order to be eligible to participate in the sports program, a student must have:

  • A minimum grade point average of “C” (2.0) with no “F’s” during the current and preceding trimester

Members of sports teams at school are expected to act as exemplary citizens of the
school and community.  They are ambassadors of the school as they go out to compete at
other schools and are expected to act as such.  They are also to be exemplary in their
efforts in PE class by demonstrating good sportsmanship, a cooperative attitude with
teachers, and always giving 100% effort in class activities. The following are basic
guidelines for our students.

  • Students must have a sports permission packet signed by a parent/guardian to try out or participate.
  • Students must maintain a 2.0 GPA during the sports season.  

Coaches will require athletes to circulate grade checks and submit them directly to the athletic director.  If
at any time during the playing season a student’s grades drop below the 2.0 GPA or a student has as grade of F, he/she
will be put on probation for two weeks to fulfill this academic requirement.  During the
two-week probation period, the coach has the discretion to either let the student play in
the games or have him/her sit on the bench.  If the student’s grades do not meet the 2.0
GPA with no F's by the end of the two-week probation period he/she will be removed from the team.

  • Students must attend school for at least four periods or 4 hours on a game day or on Friday preceding a Saturday tournament.