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Academic Programs

Quality Staff:

The Rescue Union School District recognizes that outstanding teachers and support staff are essential. The district demonstrates its commitment to this concept by hiring the finest teachers, compensating them well, and providing them with high-quality staff development and support programs, as well as the most effective teaching materials. The district actively seeks teacher involvement by their inclusion in the decision-making process at both site and district levels.

Challenging Curriculum:

The district's commitment to offering a challenging curriculum with high standards has long been recognized as a high priority. Setting long-term curriculum goals and standards, complete with the highest quality assessment techniques for programs, students, and staff, has been an ongoing practice. The district offers a balanced reading program with a phonetic emphasis. The mathematics program stresses the importance of attaining basic skills as a prerequisite for mastering higher-level problem solving strategies. These are significant factors in the district's continuing high test scores. 


ELL (English Language Learners)

Junior Kindergarten

K-2 Montessori

Student Services