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These challenges are designed to help you earn money in the student store by reading and learning about new topics. If you ever have suggestions for a challenge or have any questions about the daily challenges, please reach out!

How to Complete a ChallengeTop of Page

What are challenges?

  • Each day and month there will be a new articles to explore. Each challenge will give directions of what information to pick out of the article, or ask you to share what you learned from the article. 

What should my response include?

  • Please write your answers in complete sentences with your name, date and title on the top of the page.
  • You should have a minimum of 3 facts on daily challenges and 5 facts on monthly challenges
  • Some will ask questions, some will give suggestions of what to look out for. 
  • Some will give opportunity for extra points, you MUST do the facts for the article FIRST

How do I submit a challenge

  • You can hand write your answers, type and print your answers or email/Jupiter message your answers to Ms. Kimberly (

Can I copy from an Article?

  • DO NOT COPY AND PASTE!! If you copy someone else's work this is considered plagiarism and in some schools you can get into a lot of trouble for doing this.
  • You need to rewrite the information in your own words.
  • If you do copy their words exactly, you need to quote them and give them credit for their work. Use quotation marks around the fact then cite who said it and what year in parentheses. 
    • Example: "If you could go back in time and ask a young George Washington on what day he was born, he would reply February 11, 1731." (National Park Services, 2021)
  • Please be sure to proof read your submissions before turning them in. You will be asked to make corrections if needed to get your full points. 

Can I do past Daily Challenges?

  • For full points, make sure to turn in your answers the day of the challenge.
  • You can still earn points on past challenges, however, it drops $1 each day after that.
    • For example, if Monday had $3 to earn, you can still turn it in on Tuesday for $2 or Wednesday for $1. All entries need to be turned in by the last day of that week (unless discussed with Ms. Kimberly)

On-going Challenges
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Daily Vocab Challenge- Test your vocabulary knowledge with our daily vocab challenge. This challenge has the opportunity to earn between $5-$10 in the student store EVERY WEEK! ($2 per correct answer, $1 point for honest guesses) 
Rebus Bonus- Earn extra points in the Vocab Challenge by completing the Rebus challenge. Rebus is a puzzle in which words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters. Do you know what the image is trying to say? ($2 per correct answer, $1 point for honest guesses) Want to earn even more points??? Try out the Extra Points as well! ($2 per correct answer, $1 point for honest guesses) 
Million word Readers-If you see your name listed under the "on track to read 1,000,000 words", Come to the library to claim your $2 for the student store. If you see your name listed under the "1,000,000 word reader" list, come to the library to claim your for the student store, $10 off a 3d print coupon and a GOLDEN DUCK of your choice!! (You can collect $10 off coupon and a new colored Duck with each One Million words read).
Compare and Contrast Paper- You can earn up to $15 for this challenge. Check out the drop down menus below to see what this challenge includes. 
Short Story Entries- All the information on this challenge can be found in the tab below. Good Luck!!

Month of September
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There are many events and causes that are recognized in the month of September. To earn $5 for the student store, share 5 facts that you learn from the site you research. (You can submit up to 3 entries per month) 
    +$5 Use the links within the site to explore how to make a plan for your family. What things would you need to have to be prepared? How can you prepare if you have pets? How can you prepare if you had a grandparent that lives with you?  

Short Story EntriesTop of Page

What is this and how much is it worth???

This challenge will be sure to get your creative juices flowing! Use your own powerful mind to come up with YOUR OWN short story. This should come out of your own imagination (for fiction) or your own research (for non-fiction). Entries should be 5-7 paragraphs long. Entries are worth $15. If you continue your story you will earn +$1 per entry.
For example:
One 5-7 paragraph story = $15
Adding a new entry of 5-7 paragraphs (for the same story) = $16.
Keep continuing your story to rack up the bucks! All entries should have correct spelling and grammar. Be sure to proof read your entries BEFORE submitting. 
(Big thanks to Anberly for this idea!!)

How to submit your entry

You can create a Google Doc and submit it through email (this way you can easily add to your story)
You can send it in a regular email
You can send it through Jupiter Grades
You can type and print it
Or you can hand write it (must be legible).
If you have any questions please feel free to ask!

Daily Reading ChallengesTop of Page


Monday September 26th, 2022 (worth $3)
Find 3 facts from the article listed above. MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 
Good Luck!


Tuesday September 27th, 2022 (worth $3)
Find 3 facts from the article listed above. MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 
Good Luck!


Wednesday September 28th, 2022 (worth $3)
Find 3 facts from the article listed above. MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 
Good Luck!
+$2 Name 3 ways you can be a good neighbor


Thursday September 29th, 2022 (worth $3)
Find 3 facts from the article listed above. MUST BE IN YOUR OWN WORDS. 
Good Luck!
+$2 Why is learning about food waste important to learn about? 


Friday September 30th, 2022 (worth $3)
Use the Britannica Link on your Clever to find an article of your choice. Be sure to induce the name of the article in your response. As always, find 3 facts from the article you read and use your own words to respond. 
Good luck!!
+$1 when you do 3 total entries

Compare and ContrastTop of Page

What is this?

Have you read a book with a movie based on it? Then this is the challenge for you! You would first need to read a book that has a movie based off of that book then watch the movie/tv show. This is a simple and easy way to earn up to $15 library bucks. 
Most movies differ from their book counterpart in someways. Find at least three ways they were different or ways they were the same. Use the "what it should include" tab to see the best way to go about writing your paper. 
Good luck. Please reach out if you have any questions. 

How to complete this challenge?

Your paper should be 5 paragraphs in total, 1 intro paragraph, 3 body paragraphs and 1 conclusion paragraph. Each paragraph should be 5-7 sentences long. You do not need to turn in your Venn Diagram or Outline with this challenge. They are just there to help keep your thoughts organized. 
Here are some helpful tips on how to get started: 
  • Begin by Brainstorming With a Venn Diagram. (if you don't know what this is please use this link as reference. (Venn    Diagram link)
  • Develop a Thesis Statement. (the three topics of your body paragraphs)
  • Create an Outline. 
  • Write the Introduction. (include your thesis statement here)
  • Write the First Body Paragraph. (your first compare and contrast topic)
  • Repeat the Process for the Next Paragraphs. (two more paragraphs)
  • Write the Conclusion. (summarize your thesis statement and what you wrote in your body paragraphs)
  • Proofread. (you should always do this before turning ANYTHING in)
You can give some reasons why you think the movie differed from the book to help complete your paragraphs. It might seem like a lot but I assure you, You are Smart and You are Capable of doing this challenge!

Weekly Book Check out 
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$1 for ANY book checked out
$2 for any book about HISTORICAL FICTION
Must mention this challenge at the time of check out
Must actually read the book