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These challenges are designed to help you earn money in the student store by reading and learning about new topics. If you ever have suggestions for a challenge or have any questions about the daily challenges, please reach out!

On-going Challenges
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Daily Vocab Challenge- Test your vocabulary knowledge with our daily vocab challenge. This challenge has the opportunity to earn between $5-$10 in the student store EVERY WEEK! ($2 per correct answer, $1 point for honest guesses) 
Rebus Bonus & Extra Points- Earn even more points in the Vocab Challenge by completing the Rebus challenge or Extra Points. Rebus is a puzzle in which words are represented by combinations of pictures and individual letters. Do you know what the image is trying to say? ($2 per correct answer, $1 point for honest guesses) Want to earn even more points??? Try out the Extra Points as well! ($2 per correct answer, $1 point for honest guesses) 
Daily & Monthy Challenges- Use the links listed for each day to find 3-5 facts from the article. You can earn $3 bucks for daily challenges (3 facts) and $5 bucks for monthly challenges (5 facts). 
Million word Readers-If you see your name listed under the "1,000,000 word reader" list, come to the library to claim your for the student store, $20 librayr bucks and a GOLDEN DUCK of your choice!! (You can collect $20 bucks and a new colored Duck with each One Million words read).
Compare and Contrast Paper- You can earn up to $15 for this challenge. Check out the drop down menus below to see what this challenge includes. 
Short Story Entries- All the information on this challenge can be found in the tab below. Good Luck!!
Endings are Hard- Complete the started stories or use the random story prompts to write and ending to the story. You can earn between $5-$20 bucks depending on how much you write. 
Critical Thinking Project Quizzes- This page has multiple quizzes including intellectual fallacies, fact vs. opinion, and critical thinking for science quizzes. Each quiz is worth $30 and is a great way to earn points. Be sure to check out thier recourses right below to help complete the quizzes.